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Adhiok History

The Adhiok is the community known as “Wun-Man-Deng” .The Adhiok community is the community that inhabited area called Wernyol as headquarter of Lith Payam. Among the Twic East communities, it is the second largest to Kongor community. The Adhiok community lives at Wernyol with Abek community as Lith community. Lith Community borders Nyarweng at Duk Payuel and Kongor at Pawel. Categorically, Adhiok community has three sectional areas: Pakoy, Wut Rordioor, and Nyanthith. Each smaller subsidiary section has its own divisions, and internally continues in subsections. All three sections are the beauties of Adhiok society. In political perspective, Adhiok is ruled by the chiefdom, and this chiefdom has power to organize and lead the community. The Adhiok community contributed a lot as means of supporting Sudan People’s Liberation Movement or Army (SPLM/A) politically, military, and economically during the eruption of the Movement. The SPLM/A fought against Khartoum government (Sudan government) to transform the country into democratic and secular state. As of 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement that was signed by the SPLM and NIF/NCP, it granted the Southern Sudanese to vote for either unity of Sudan or separation of the Southern Sudan, which will take place on January 9th, 2011. Therefore, Adhiok community had been devastated by the civil war that took 21 years.

                                                                                    The Adhiok mythology

The Adhiok mythology refers to the assembly of all Adhiok wonderful myths. We referred these myths as Adhiok traditional stories and deeds from Adhiok generations.  Every Adhiok generation has its delightful actions or performances, and we explain such deeds as actions when Adhiok traditional feats had spoken louder historically among localities. The Adhiok traditional achievements tell us much more about Adhiok generations in its an ancient time, where these generations took journeys and explorations to make Adhiok community a better society. This community is well known by folk songs composed by the Adhiok community singers (paneen ka Adhiok) who have done wonderful job in composing songs that praising the community and brings well popularity. The Adhiok Community is one of the Twic East communities located at Twic East County, Jonglei State, Southern Sudan. The Adhiok community situated its headquarter at Wernyol, in Lith Payam, together with Abek community as well. The Adhiok community has members who live all over the world such as United States of America, Canada, Australia, Europe, and also in African countries. Wherever they live in, they try to form at least an association, foundation or an organization to rebuild the Adhiok community in a war-torn country, the Southern Sudan. This Adhiok community contributed major duties and responsibilities to lift up the SPLA/M so that the freedom comes through transform the country into democratic and secular State. The Adhiok community members who reside all over the United States of America formed the foundation that can help to bring them together for the betterment of the community.


The Adhiok Community Development Foundation (ACDF)

The Adhiok Community Development Foundation (ACDF) is a not-for-profit organization formed in July 2005 by the Adhiok community members who live in the United States of America. The Adhiok Community Development Foundation, INC. The Cooperation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of document 501 (C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as mended under the State of Utah articles. The primary purpose of the Cooperation  is to providing assistance and aid in the form of delivering of tangible assets, educational opportunities, community-building activities and benevolence, primarily, though not exclusively, to needy members of the Adhiok Community of Southern, both in Sudan and elsewhere around the world. This Adhiok community endures a long time suffering during the more-than-two-decades civil war in Sudan, some of the Adhiok community members ended up in America through a refugee program under the big umbrella of the group known as "Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan" ignited by dispersion, destruction of our homeland (Southern Sudan), and a yearning to bring new changes to our community, these people swiftly formed ACDF with one visualization in mind: To brighten their future and that of their indigenous Adhiok community. The ACDF, therefore, is a community-based organization formed through mutual support and cooperation.
The mission of the Adhiok Community Development Foundation (ACDF) is to bring about necessary and positive development into our civil-war devastated Adhiok community, to improve the lives of the vulnerable and the deprived off members, and to provide substantial services by working tirelessly for the better future of our community. In the wake of the Sudanese civil war between the Sudan People Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) and Sudanese government, our indigenous community has been drastically devastated and underprivileged from its long standing decent livelihood. The people were displaced and had been disadvantaged most but not limited to socially, economically, politically, developmentally, and above all; educationally. With their long experience, mostly infested with horrific occurrences, these enthusiastic people formed the ACDF to help them and their community decreases many of the problems facing the current generation of Adhiok community, including dreadful images left by the civil war, underdevelopment in the Adhiok Area, unavailability of health care facilities and medical supplies, immense poverty, starvation (hunger), lack of education and unimaginable level of illiteracy, and ultimately; the abuse of human rights and civil liberties such as freedom of expression, freedom to assembly and association, freedom of conscience, and freedom to worship.


Dreams and Visions

The dream and vision of Adhiok Community Development Foundation (ACDF) members is to acquire and achieve quality education in abroad to rebuild the Adhiok Community. Before the civil war erupted, the Adhiok community, and from it subsequent generations, was one of the best known decent life-leading communities in the region. However, its current situation tends to be the worst in the Adhiok long standing history as a result of the disreputable civil war. It is with this deterioration conditions that the current Adhiok residents, especially those few who made it to abroad (America, Canada, Australia, Europe, and so on) wanted to restore and carry their long time respected community into a reliable and sustainable future. Therefore, the dreams and visions of ACDF members are to acquire and achieve quality education and life in America with the optimism that one day they will be able to return home and positively apply such realizations to their country (South Sudan) as a whole and to develop their indigenous Adhiok community in particular. While struggling to attain this educational prospect here in the United States, the ACDF members are simultaneously envisioned to reinforce their sick people back home by sending basic necessities such as medical supplies and school materials, to mention a few.

                                                                                              Our Aims

The ACDF aspiration is to build a stronger community foundation which will help us achieve our futuristic mission of "bringing necessary and positive development" that will in turn lead to a greater prosperity of our Adhiok citizens. ACDF members work tirelessly to ensure a more supportive community of high innovative aspiration.


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